Erkki Hölttä


Erkki Hölttä

The young artist Erkki ‘Eke’ Hölttä from the city of Lahti, situated about a hundred kilometres northeast of Helsinki, got his career off to a flying start in 1948 when he won a poster competition arranged by Suomen Matkailijayhdistys ry (the Tourism Association in Finland) for young artists. Hölttä’s contribution was then sent to Oslo, where similar international competitions were held under the slogan ‘Youth Looks at Travel’. In these competitions, Hölttä’s poster received an honourable mention.

Erkki Hölttä, a bank manager and commercial artist, was employed by the advertising department of the Finnish furniture producer Asko for twenty years. He went on to become manager of the department. From 1967 until 1990, Hölttä worked as a bank manager. In addition to working in these various positions, Erkki Hölttä has produced posters, postcards and cards.

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