Göran Hongell


Göran Hongell

The artist and designer Göran Hongell is chiefly known for his glass design, but his poster production of the 1920s was of a very high quality. After art studies at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, he set up his own interior design firm together with the artist Gunnar Forsström.

Hongell and Gunnar Forsström designed several posters. In 1928, they won a poster competition which aimed to make milk a more popular drink. Hongell was also a teacher of decorative painting at the Central School of Arts and Crafts from 1925 until 1932. They also created this celebrated Finnish travel poster together.

In 1933 Göran Hongell began his work as an artistic consultant at the glass factory Karhula-Iittala and later as art director for the same company. Among Hongell’s most famous glass designs is the 1940s Aarne-collection.

You can find products based on the co-operation between Hongell & Forsström here and here (the German version).

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