Karin Dahlbacka

Karin Dahlbacka

The artist Karin Dahlbacka presents herself:

I have been drawing and creating images for a long time now. I studied illustration at Westminster University in London, and the skills and inspiration gained there took me on a wonderful journey where I’ve had the chance to be involved in many brilliant projects and collaborations. Connecting through creativity, inspiring with colours and having fun making up stories, not least meeting and working with other artists, have made my journey worthwhile. 

In addition to exhibiting in well known locations around London, my portfolio contains a number of published books, magazine illustrations and poetry collaborations. I am also a  member of the South London Women artist group: a prestigious group that regularly works and promotes art in a thought-provoking and honest way, having a voice and creating a space to be reckoned with within the London art scene. 

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