Nykter och stadig

Nykter och stadig

Artist Unknown
Originally published 1959
Nykter och stadig

Here at Come to Finland we believe that even the summer of 2020, after all, can be lovely. We would all deserve that, wouldn’t we? Therefore, we digged deep into the poster hunter’s archives.

This classic one from the 1950s certainly made us giggle, and now we hope that it will delight your summer days as well.  No matter what is served in the glass.

We wish you a happy summer!

In this poster chimney sweepers, who are supposed to balance on the roof, are urged to stay sober. A perfectly reasonable wish, right? Fortunately, a long time has passed since this poster was published. In today’s Finland, the chimney sweepers are respected professionals that keeps our countless summer cottages fireproof. And for that we are grateful!

The slogan shouts in Swedish: ”Sober and stable – Keeping you able”. It was used in the sobriety work in Finland during the 1950s.

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