Poster images

Do you need pictures to set the right feeling in you article or blog post about us? You can download a selection of our press photos from flickr.

All photos are copyright protected. They may be used free of charge when the article / text is in relation to Come to Finland. All other use requires permission.

Always mention the copyright: © Karin Lindroos & Come to Finland.

Please contact Emilia Hytönen if you need pics of specific posters or if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our lifestyle-collection.


Take a look at the Come to Finland video here.

The exhibition

You’ll find pics regarding our poster exhibition ”Come to Finland – Paradise Calling” here.

Check out some video clips from the exhibition here.

The My Finland Poster Contest

You’ll find the awarded posters in our annual poster contest here.

Please contact if you need them in highres.

Emilia Hytönen


Banner photo: ”Elin Åström läser tidning” (1910) by Bernhard Åström, © Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland, CC-license.