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Come to Finland
Publishing Ab Oy
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© Come to Finland
Publishing Ab Oy 2019

Finland’s forgotten art treasures

Thanks to Come to Finland a forgotten part of the Finnish cultural heritage finally got its own book. But first it required extensive research both in Finland and abroad.


What is the book Come to Finland all about?

An entertaining piece on Finnish nostalgia.
A surprising perspective on the history of Finland.
A timeless corporate gift, for foreign guests, to people who like arts and travel and to all fans of Finland.

The book offers all this

In the book there are of course posters of towns and counties – from Helsinki to Lapland, from the Turku archipelago to Vyborg. There are also traditional companies of travel industry like VR, Finnair, Finnish Steamship Company and others shipping companies.

The emphasis lies on diversity: nature, architecture, towns, culture, attractions, and recreation opportunities. Prepare yourself for many entertaining eureka moments.


Among the more special materials are samples from a large collection of works that took part in a poster competition and which the organizers of Helsinki Olympics archived in 1952. For the games a poster competition was held in which both professionals and amateurs took part by sending in a huge amount of candidate posters.

The competition produced a patchwork of posters full of flags, Olympic rings, athletes, doves of peace and brotherhood between nations. At times the posters are successful, sometimes…touching.

There is also exciting nostalgia for the friends of Karelia. The Karelian isthmus was a paradise of cottages and sandy beaches. The book offers dreamlike images from Terijoki and Koivisto sea spa as well as from Vyborg, Sordavala and Ladoga.

Come to Finland is the perfect gift for foreign fans of Finland as well as your Finnish friends who have moved abroad. But why make life difficult with packaging and double postage? Order it to be sent directly to the recipient!

…Or browse through the book first on your computer

Yes, we offer a real teaser: You can read and browse through the book in full screen. We believe that this will whet your appetite. Click on the link Come to Finland in full screen (opens in a new window).

As a gift to friends of Finland

Come to Finland is a perfect gift for foreign friends of Finland as well as your Finnish friends who have moved abroad. But why make life difficult with packaging and double postage? Put us to work! We will mail the book for you.

In five languages

The book has been published in four versions, in five languages; Finnish and Swedish, English, German and French.