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Postbus series

Join us on a Finnish nostalgia trip: Now we are talking about the link between rural and urban areas, the cohesive force in Finland, the yellow, relatively slow but almost always dependable and wonderfully social… postbuses!

It all began in Lapland, where postal delivery problems where the biggest. The Sodankylä – Rovaniemi route was founded in 1921, but the post horses would still not yet go obsolete. During winters people where still completely dependant on horse and carriage.

Postbuses where originally needed to deliver post across the country – it was an extension of the railroad network. And bit by bit they became popular among both domestic and foreign tourists. Also the local population depended on the yellow buses for transportation.

But it wasn’t until the 1950’s that the Finnish postal office understood what possibilities the travel business could offer. With postbuses you can reach every corner of the country. With posters, leaflets and newspaper ads especially Lapland was highlighted, but also other parts of Finland. When a route to Kivijärvi, the northern part of central Finland, was opened in 1957, the suitability of the church village as a travel destination was highlighted.

Representatives of all regions fought hard to get a postbus route to their home district. Many were successful and routes got nicknamed after their lobbyists.

The postbus boom continued, and their popularity grew during the 1960’s. People traveled and they obviously didn’t mind sitting next to a stranger now and then. And hearing the latest gossip in front of the bus was always entertaining.

But something new was happening, something which would change everything. From around the corner one could hear the sound of private motoring.

To celebrate the post buses we have printed a postcard series that is based on postbus posters from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Size 15 x 18 cm. The postcards are printed in Finland.

Hint! A perfect card to send to people who traveled during the 1960’s. In return you will get tears of joy.

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