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Our vintage travel poster exhibition – ”Paradise calling” – was shown at the City Museum in Kiel in Germany until Jan 14, 2018. It is now showing at the Druckkunst museum in Leipzig. Willkommen! Open until April 15th. All texts in German and English!
We also have an exhibition now running at the Maritime Museum of Finland, in the city of Kotka. Open until April 29th, 2018. All texts at the exhibition are also in English.


This is how Finland became glamorous

Are posters art? Do they belong in the past in our digital society? What do posters tell us, and what happens when you combine posters, art and tourism?

The Come to FinlandParadise Calling – exhibition answers all these questions with posters that tell the story of Finland as a travel destination, from an almost unknown Russian grand duchy to the Land of romance.

The exhibition takes the visitor all the way to the present when posters continue as interpreters for a hundred-year- old sovereign state. The newest posters are created by several Finnish artists, such as Katja Tukiainen, Petteri Tikkanen and Kaisa Leka, specifically for the exhibition.

Exhibition of posters, artists & travel

The exhibition covers the rise and development of tourism, advertising and graphic design from 1851 all the way to the 1960’s, when hand drawn posters give way to photographs and continues to modern time when all techniques are allowed.

Axel Gallén laid the foundation for utilitarian graphic design in Finland and brilliantly combined design language with simplified messages in posters, while Oscar Furuhjelm was one of the pioneers of advertising and utilitarian graphic design.

Besides these pioneers the exhibition presents several renowned poster artists, such as Erik Bruun, Jorma Suhonen, Martti Mykkänen, Göran Hongell, Gunnar Forsström, Ingrid Bade and Osmo K. Oksanen, together with their stories.

In a playful way the exhibition demonstrates how Finland is searching its place in Europe starting from fumbling text posters in the 1850’s all the way to the self-confident works of art in the 1930’s and 50’s, where nature, glamour and cosmopolitanism are highlighted. The exhibition then takes the visitor all the way to the year of 2017, where contemporary artists are building a bridge between the past and the present.

Basic information on the exhibition:

Number of Vintage posters: 100 (at the National Museum of Finland). The exhibition can be adapted according to the premises.

Number of Today (contemporary) posters: 30.

Who owns the posters: Mainly Come to Finland Publishing, plus several museums and collectors. The owner is mentioned with each poster.

How long have you planned the exhibition? Almost three years.

Framing material: Finnish plywood.

Where is the exhibition being shown? It all began in Lappeenranta in the winter of 2016, then it moved on to Jakobstad in the summer. Next stop is Rovaniemi, starting Augusti 19. In November the tour continues in Pori. In the spring of 2017 it is shown at the Finnish National Museum in Helsinki, and lastly it will go abroad in 2017-19 (to be announced).

Executive Producer and texts: Magnus Londen
Exhibition planner (for the exhibition at the National Museum): Eymen Homsi
Producer/Curator and video: Johanna Stenback
Curator in the initial planning stage: Katarina Siltavuori
Graphic design: Linnéa Sjöholm
Signs in veneer: Skyltproffset / Kyltti

The exhibition is made in cooperation with:


 & The poster hunter association.


Greta och Alfred Runebergs stiftelse, Lahden julistemuseo, NicTec, Otto A. Malms donationsfond, Märta Ehrnrooth, Roope Roine, Silja Line Tallink, Suomen Rautatiemuseo, Stiftelsen Tre smeder, Tom Stenback

Magnus Londen:  journalist, travel writer and entrepreneur. Founder of Come to Finland Publishing Ltd. and program host of the weekly ”Eftersnack” talk show at Yle Radio Vega / Yle Fem (Finnish National Broadcasting Company).

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Johanna Stenback: entrepreneur and producer in creative industries. Her slogans are ambition, innovation and inspiration.

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Linnéa Sjöholm: a graphic designer with a great passion for designing books.
Linnéa is also a talented web designer who works in Helsinki and who loves to travel the world.

More information:

Come to Finland is a Helsinki-based company that produces paper and wood products based on classic Finnish travel posters. The products are always made in Finland.

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