Our Values

Our values

Come to Finland manufactures and sells design- and decoration products as well as utility articles based on authentic Finnish travel posters.

Our leading thoughts are:




Our products awake and spread joy among our customers – a sense that the products are made with playfulness in mind. When we are developing, manufacturing and selling CTF –products, we feel pride and joy to have an opportunity to make posters known in a new form.

Our business idea started out from a simple idea that transformed into a passion. The same passion still today drives us forward: the love of artworks, the love of travel. Every product will convey the personal passion that we feel towards the heritage that we are managing. We are cultivating historical materials in an innovative and modern way.

We always handle artworks, artists and historical heritage with respect. We are always thinking: what would artist XX think about this new product? That is why we never cheat. Respect towards material and customer service should be apparent throughout the chain, from design to manufacturing and from sales to distribution.

We are proud to be entrepreneurs. We are trying to do exactly what is needed in today’s Finland when it comes to creativity and innovation. We are refining an existing cultural heritage into commercially viable products.

We have ideas and we are representing re-thinking. We are manufacturing our products in Finland and we are creating employment opportunities.

In the manufacturing of our products the environmental aspects are a priority and we always pay close attention to ethics and product quality.

Our promise

The copyright issues of our products are always in order.

We manufacture everything in Finland from Finnish raw materials, when it is possible.

We know our manufacturers and we visit them personally.

Our distribution chain is fast and effective.

We are always emphasizing the product story. Our brands are unique.

We are proud of what we are doing, and it should show in every stage.

Our customer service is personal, fast and friendly.

About the company

Come to Finland Publishing Ab Oy

Business ID: 2045859-6

The company is based in Helsinki.

Magnus Londen is the majority shareholder.

Other owners:

Katarina Tallqvist
Niklas Tallqvist

Minority shareholders:

Joakim Enegren
Stig-Olof Londen

as well as company employees.

Board of directors:

Barbara Hisinger-Jägerskiöld
Joakim Enegren
Magnus Londen (chairman)
Ant Simons

Come to Sweden Publishing Ab is a separate corporation registered in Sweden. The majority shareholder is Magnus Londen.