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Calendar 2024 – Vintage

25 x 44 cm
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Language: trilingual, English-Finnish-Swedish.

Including Finnish holidays and numbers of the weeks.

Printed in Finland on high quality Finnish paper.

A call from paradise!

Finland has always been a glamourous, cosmopolitan and open country.

Hmm… Now you’re maybe doubting this? At least a little?

It doesn’t matter. After flipping through this wall calendar for 2024 you will be convinced.

We have personally dug through archives, dark nooks and people’s dusty attics – all over the world – to find authentic and classic Finnish travel posters. These were the advertising posters, or rather works of art, that back in the days attracted international travelers to Finland.

We contacted the children and grandchildren of the artists. They gave us permission to give this Finnish cultural inheritance new life. And now we have created complete product lines around these iconic posters.

It is this glamourous Finland, the obvious Land of Romance, we celebrate.

We really think it’s time to bury the image of Finland as a grey and boring country.

Because Finland is so much more.