Come to Finland, coffee table book in English

24 x 32 cm
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This is the English edition of the book Come to Finland. Please note this is not just a translation, but an adaption of the book for the English speaking-readers. In her essay, British author Diana Webster gives an insight into Finland (she’s been living in Finland since the 1950’s) seen through the travel posters.

Come to Finland is a high quality coffee table book filled with vintage travel posters and lots of travel tales from Finland.

Facts about the book:

Size: 24 x 32 cm
Number of pages: 256
Weight: 1,9 kg.
Printed in Finland
Posters: approx 210.
Paper: Galerie Art Silk 150 gr
Published by: Edita and Sektorn Press
Translations: Jason O’Neill and Diana Webster
Published: 2008 (2nd revised edition), First edition 2007, sold-out.
ISBN13: 9789513752361

Want to see and read before you order? That’s perfectly fine. You can enjoy the English edition of Come to Finland on your screen here.