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Hanko Playing Cards

9 x 6 cm
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About the product

Celebrate Hanko with an ice cream – and a game of cards.

With these gorgeous posters, it doesn’t matter who wins!

Poker, bridge, slapjack or whichever game you prefer: Our great collection of Hanko travel posters have now been turned into playing cards!

Made in Finland
Manufactured by Tactic

The deck include some classic vintage travel posters from the resort town of Hanko, but mostly modern travel posters from our anual poster contest called My Finland Poster. In 2021 the theme was Hanko and the response was so massive and so beautiful that Tactic and Come to Finland just had to collaborate to produce these playing cards. Included are posters by the following artists (click for info and image for the ten finalists): © Fanny Törnqvist, Mio Okubo, Emilia Kejonen, Lada Ismailova, Anna Saveleva, Karoliina Parkko, Pekka Kurki, Tirsa Toivonen, Lotta Fors, Ivan Durakov, Anna Sailamaa, Jenni Lindfors, Mareike Mosch, Adrienn Szell, Serhii Yaremenko and Henna Gaus.