Come to Norden: Postcards

Dänemark – Das heitere Ferienland

Laus Lauesen
Originally published
12 x 18 cm
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About the artwork

Denmark is sooo much. Also in German! When the Danish artist Laus Lauesen wanted to create a poster for Denmark, he made a collage – in a quirky way. The figures look sure like they are thoroughly enjoying whatever they are doing in Denmark. The poster hunters at Come to Sweden have found a twin poster for Sweden in the same style. The overall picture is that a tourist won’t need anything else than Denmark and Sweden in his/her itinerary. Because everything and anything can be found and done in DK-SWE! You don’t believe this? Well, please take a look at the image one more time.

About the product

Celebrate Denmark – vintage style! This is a very classic Danish travel poster by the artist Laus Lauesen, here printed as a high quality postcard. Printed in Finland.