Posters – Vintage: Small – A4 (21x30 cm)

Finnland - das ideal ziel

Arnold Neumann
Originally published
21 x 30 cm
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About the artwork

As early as 1915, the chairman of the Finnish Tourist Society thought it was high time to brush the dust off the old canoe and head off to explore Finland. However, it was only at the end of the 1920s that promotional efforts were directed at foreigners and brochures and posters started to proclaim the endless possibilities that Finland could offer and still can offer. Most of the attention was directed towards England and Germany where there seemed to be a lot of interest in Finland.

What were the Finnish calling cards?

Silence, the great expanses, the thousand lakes, and the unspoiled nature. In other words the usual suspects.

Now it was time to spread the news about routes of great natural beauty, suitable roads, trails, waterways, and places where one was allowed to build open fires.

‘We live in the hope that these camping routes will one day span the entire nation, so if one wishes one can at pleasure wander from north to south and east to west,’ said Wolter Stenbäck, director of the Tourist Society in an interview from 1935.

The same drum is banged in this brochure from the end of the 1930s:

‘The innumerable possibilities to practise canoeing are as yet far from fully explored. Equipped with a tent and knapsack as well as a Finnish phrase-book, even a foreign canoeist can manage here and have his fill of navigable watercourses. He can, if time and energy permits, steer his vessel through the whole of Finland.’

About the product

The A4 sized poster is packed by hand by us, in a plastic cellophane bag, with brown cardboard (2 mm) as support. Paper: High quality Munken Lynx Rough 150 g. This paper is FSC and PEFC-certified, and inspected for Nordic Ecolabelled printing. Printed in Finland.