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Hanko-Hangö Seaside Resort

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50 x 70 cm
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About the artwork

Oh, the glamor! This is exactly what Finland and Hanko (Hangö in Swedish) is all about – every day! Unfortunately the artist remains unknown. We only know it was created by the advertising agency Ilmo (no longer in business). But the poster deserves r-e-s-p-e-c-t! It communicates such a trendy image of Hanko that the French Riviera must have had a hard time to compete with. And no doubt has the artist been inspired by the French poster artists.

This poster was actually re-used by the City of Hanko (Hangö) in the 2010s in the marketing of this beautiful city. Come to Finland was naturally enough the provider.

Poster: © Lahden julistemuseo

The artist for this artwork is unknown. But we continuously seek more information about all posters and images in our product range, so please write us if you think you know something interesting about this image! Write to The Poster Hunters say thank you!

About the product

The classic Hanko-poster belongs to our Custom Print series. That means we will print it individually for you!

We only use the latest printing technique. That’s why we can guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding. And we only print on high-quality FSC-certified matte paper.

We will deliver the poster to you in our durable poster tube. If there are several posters in your order, we will ship them in one tube.