Land of romance

Helge Mether-Borgström
Originally published
6.4 x 10.9 cm
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Length 9,5 cm, approximately 45 matches per box.

Made in EU of FSC certified materials. Matches conform to all EU quality standards.

Come to Finland Publishing owns the sole right of reproduction of this classic image.

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About the artwork

Take a deep breath.

Because now we have reached the very essence of these cheerful greetings from Finland.

We’re talking about this masterpiece by Helge Mether-Borgström’s, where a ship sails into the land of thousand lakes from the west.

So simple, but oh how mesmerizing.

Mether-Borgström isn’t any old graphic designer. It was he who 1954 created Marimekko’s logo.

But looking at this iconic poster we really have just one question: Who was the virtuoso who came up with the slogan Finland – The land of romance?

Give this wordsmith a retroactive raise!

And a spot on the TV-show Mad Men.