Medium – 50x70 cm: Posters: Vintage Reprints

Rautateiden rengasmatkat

Aukusti Tuhka
Originally published
50 x 70 cm
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This is Poster de Luxe! It belongs to our Custom Print series and will be printed individually for you. The latest printing technique with its 12-color system guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding, and the poster will last for many generations. The poster is printed on high quality FSC certified matte paper.

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About the artwork

Look closely at the smoke which slowly is coming out of the chimneys in Aukusti Tuhka’s poster (to the right)! The smoke says a lot about how we Finns like it out there at the summer cottage: Neighbours, sure – but not too close!

One cottage per lake would be kind of nice.

The brilliance in the poster is moreover that the train, packed with positive and curious tourists, is also depicted only as a harmonic trail of smoke rising towards the sky.