Postcards: Vintage

Res till Finland

Ingrid Bade
Originally published
12 x 18 cm
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Glamorous greetings!

Our postcards are offset-printed in Finland on high quality Finnish cardboard.

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About the artwork

During the 1930s, the Swede was by far the most common tourist in Finland (this poster is in Swedish). Our nation was visited by as many Swedes as Estonians, Germans and Englishmen put together.

But the 1930s were also a time of language strife in Finland, and the tourism officials were worried that the conflict would affect Finland’s image in Sweden and the other Nordic countries. Therefore, they wanted to emphasize Finland’s Swedish speaking regions, as can be seen in a brochure from the time:

”You will be able to conduct your affairs in your own language and, above all else, live affordably.”

The artist for this artwork is unknown. But we continuously seek more information about all posters and images in our product range, so please write us if you think you know something interesting about this image! Write to The Poster Hunters say thank you!