Modern: Wooden Artwork

Suomi-Finland by Sanna Mander

Sanna Mander
Originally published
10 x 15 cm
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They say that the forest is the green gold of Finland. That’s why we have wooden versions of our postcards. They are, naturally enough, printed in Finland – on Finnish birch plywood.
Best of all: You can use them as ordinary postcards! Thickness: 3 mm.

These are prints that stand the test of time. Every product is unique – it’s printed on real wood! So please note: variations in colour and structure might appear.

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About the artwork

In the words of the artist:

Finland is still quite young as a country. A teenager when compared with other countries. This is the Maiden of Finland having a pause to think and ponder. The autumn has arrived and surrounded her. Her richness is: a tiny piece of land and great responsibility to carry. She ponder over what she wants, how she would like to be and what she would like to become one day.