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The sun loves Hanko-Hangö by Pekka Kurki

Pekka Kurki
Originally published
12 x 18 cm
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About the artwork

Finalist in the MyFinlandPoster contest 2021!

In the words of the artist:

I have visited Hanko as a child. I remember the sandy beaches and the sunny ambience. With the help of Google I made a virtual sightseeing trip in the scenery of Hanko. The peculiar shape and the looks of the water tower really caught my eye as the tower looks like a space ship. I started puzzling over some kind of a space-related theme and continued with the idea of the happy Sun. I reasoned that as we humans enjoy the Hanko atmosphere, why should’t the sun itself? Chilling, shining and taking it easy – that’s what the sun does the best.

Surely travel posters can’t simply remain a cry from the past?
Absolutely not. We live in a completely visual world where the picture is stronger than ever. That’s why the following question hit us: How would contemporary artists depict Finland of today?
We could not let that thought go, so every year we arrange international travel poster contests and we’ve also asked specific graphic designers and artists to create new Finnish travel posters for us.
So now Finland – and Hanko – once again attracts travellers with glamour and cries of joy from paradise. With the help of the travel poster!

About the product

Glamorous greetings!

Our postcards are offset-printed in Finland on high quality Finnish cardboard.