Vintage: Vykort

Fishing in Finland

Ingrid Bade
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12 x 18 cm

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Fiskarna är enorma i Finland! Ja, allt är stort! Och bäst!

Tror ni inte? Läs i så fall denna broschyr från 1927:

”No other country in the world can provide such opportunities for boating, fishing, bathing and camping. Finland has over thirty-five thousand lakes, and the number of islands is uncountable.

Look at the map. It looks almost as though someone had split the inkbottle over it, leaving scarcely a corner untouched.
The rivers, lakes and rapids abound with fish. The scenery has a charm all its own, which is not to be found in any other part of the world.

And the light summer nights … these have to be experienced … one cannot describe them … but they are probably the most wonderful of all Finland’s attractions.”

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Postkorten trycks med offset-teknik i Finland på kvalitativ finländsk kartong.