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Come to Finland, coffee table book in French

24 x 32 cm
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This is the French edition of the book Come to Finland. Please note this is not just a translation, but an adaption of the book for the French speaking-readers.
In his brilliant essay, French professor Jean-Luc Moreau gives an insight into Finland seen through the travel posters. Cap sur la Finlande is a high quality coffee table book filled with vintage travel posters from Finland. For over two years the project team dug for vintage posters in dusty archives, museums and contacted poster collectors all over the world! This book is simply a salute to all poster artists and early travelers in Finland.

Want to see for yourself before you order? That’s perfectly fine. You can enjoy the French edition of Come to Finland on your screen by clicking here.

Size: 24 x 32 cm
Pages: 256
Printed in Finland
Posters: approx 210.
Paper: Galerie Art Silk 150 gr
Published by: Sektorn Press (Come to Finland), 2008
ISBN13: 9789526703503
Translations: Martine Desbureaux