Posters: Vintage Reprints: Medium: 50x70 cm

Die Hauptstadt

Gunnar Forsström
Originally published
50 × 70 cm
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This is Poster de Luxe! It belongs to our Custom Print series and will be printed individually for you. A certificate with a stamp showing the print date and the printer’s signature is included. The latest printing technique with its 12-color system guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding, and the poster will last for many generations. The poster is printed on high quality FSC certified matte paper and will be delivered in our stylish Come to Finland poster tube.

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About the artwork

In 1930 the artist duo Göran Englund and Gunnar Forsström captured the maritime Helsinki with the Cathedral in the background. The poster was published in several different languages, at least in German, Finnish, Swedish, English and French. Who said Finland wasn’t international already back then?

This thing about the Helsinki Cathedral is by the way quite interesting. There is no other building in the whole nation depicted so often in travel posters. A few years ago, when we asked the tourist information in Helsinki what a modern poster for today’s Helsinki should depict the answer came immediately: ”The cathedral, please.”