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Magic of Lapland by Emma Chudoba

Emma Chudoba
Originally published
48 x 67 cm
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About the artwork

This is the runner up in the 2018 “My Finland Poster” contest arranged by Come to Finland!
The theme of the contest was to capture the region of Finnish Lapland in a travel poster in an appealing, stylish and why not humouristic manner.

Here’s the artist Emma Chudoba’s description of her poster:

”When I started to work on my poster, I tried to think of the best way to capture the beauty of Lapland the way I see it. There are countless things I love about Lapland, but hiking in its vast wilderness and getting up to high places with spectacular views is something I could consider one of my favourite things. Lapland also tends to display colours in a way that can feel truly magical, and to me that was definitely something worth trying to capture in my poster.”

About the product

Explore the magic of Lapland in a 1,000 piece puzzle!

“The Magic of Lapland” is one of six different 1,000 piece puzzles in the Come to Finland-collection. Collect all puzzles in the series and build up Finland piece by piece, or get them as gift for a friend or family member.

Made in Finland. Manufactured by Tactic.