The Ski-Boy

Osmo K. Oksanen
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10.2 x 3.1 cm
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About the artwork

The poster was commissioned by the Finnish State Railways. Artist Osmo K. Oksanen asked his daughter to pose in front of the family house drive way. There she was given Ms Oksanen’s make-up bag to hold and suddenly a little boy with a suitcase was created. Note the labels on the suitcase: Inari, Kuopio, Ivalo and Pallastunturi – classic tourist destinations.

Mr Oksanen is naturally one of our favourites. Why? Well, Oksanen’s sense of humor is in its own league. And hey, there is also a summer version of this poster. There the boy wears shorts and an umbrella has replaced the skis.

About the product

With your favourite Finnish poster image you’ll •••never••• forget your keys again. The Ski-Boy will keep track of you!

Size of the poster image: 25×40 mm

Made in Spain