Aage Rasmussen


Aage Rasmussen

The Danish poster artist Aage Rasmussen studied at Det Tekniske Selskabs Skole and Kunsthåndværkerskolen and worked as an advertising cartoonist at the Bergenholz Bureau before taking the cartoonists’ association’s exam for advertising cartoonists in 1942.

He has drawn a large number of effective posters and is a recognized poster artist both in Denmark and internationally. Rasmussen was influenced by the Ukrainian-French poster artist Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron (1901–1968), known by the name Cassandre. Both expressed themselves through a strong design language, where the poster’s message was concentrated on one dominant element. Rasmussen is above all known for his DSB posters and advertising posters, the breakthrough came in 1937 with an advertising poster for DSB’s express train.

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