Jeg rejser til Finland

Jeg rejser til Finland

Artist Unknown
Originally published 1951
Jeg rejser til Finland

Finland today for many younger Danes feels like a peripheral Nordic country, but it was different before. With a direct boat connection between Copenhagen and Helsinki and long-standing traditions in commerce and tourism, Finland had many friends down in the Nordic south. In this brochure from the 1950s, Danes are encouraged to visit the country up north:

”You will naturally soon become enchanted with the idea of visiting the country of Suomi. Since you also follow the times and life outside Denmark, bare mention of the word Finland will conjure forth in your mind’s eye all that which makes the Danish heart beat faster. The Land of the Thousand Lakes and its numerous islands, great forests, and stretches of wilderness as well as white nights. You can also be sure that the reality behind these stock phrases about Finland surpasses everything you could imagine.”

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