Come to Norden, coffee table book in Swedish

21 x 28 cm
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The coffee table book Come to Norden is in Swedish, but the eye-catching vintage travel posters pretty much speaks for themselves. This is a must get if you’re a lover of the Nordics, or if you love charming vintage posters! Packed with classic travel posters – from the 1890s to the 1960s – advertising Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

The book is also a salute to our exhibition Come to Norden currently showing at Nordiska museet in Stockholm. The book contains more posters and more stories.

Format: 21,4 x 28,3 cm

Number of pages: 320

Number of posters: roughly 200

Authors: Magnus Londen & Sophie Holm

Design: Hilda Forss

Language: Swedish

Published: 2022

Published by Come to Finland Publishing & Come to Sweden

ISBN: 978-952-67035-4-1