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Dänemark - Das Land der Meeres

Sven Henriksen
Originally published
12 x 18 cm
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About the artwork

Denmark put a lot of poster energy into presenting itself as a beach paradise. Which of course was and is completely true. Sven Henriksen’s poster Dänemark – Das Land des Meeres (”Denmark – Land of the Sea”) shows a country where the entire population – including the children – splash in the sea. See it as an early tourist flirtation with families with children. You see, in the 1930s it was very unusual to have children on travel posters. Also, if the poster is to be believed, there’s a small minority in Denmark who dance folk dances or are fishermen. Denmark is the true Land of the Sea!

About the product

Celebrate Denmark by the beach – vintage style. This is your favourite vintage Danish travel poster, here printed as a high quality postcard. Printed in Finland.