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Olavinlinna by Kai Nordberg

Kai Nordberg
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12 x 18 cm
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About the artwork

We asked photographer Kai Nordberg to tell the story behind this poster in his own words:

”In the summer of 1958, I was 22 years old then, I worked as an assistant at the photo studio Aho & Soldan. When summer was up I told photgrapher Heikki Ahtola that I’m heading for Savonlinna for a holiday. He advised me to take my camera with me and take a picture of the castle of Olavinlinna with a rowing boat in the front. He said there’s always a demand for pictures like that. And he was right. The Tourist Association bought the picture immediately (nowadays there’s a bridge in the same spot).

That year I started as a freelance photographer. In 1964 I started a photo studio of my own. I was specialized in commercial photography, which kept me occupied until 2001 when I retired.”

About the product

Glamorous greetings!

Our postcards are offset-printed in Finland on high quality Finnish cardboard.