Medium – 50x70 cm: Posters: Vintage Reprints


Fred Runeberg
Originally published
50 x 70 cm
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This is Poster de Luxe! It belongs to our Custom Print series and will be printed individually for you. The latest printing technique with its 12-color system guarantee that the luminosity and fullness of the colour scheme are outstanding, and the poster will last for many generations. The poster is printed on high quality FSC certified matte paper.

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About the artwork

Despite sterling contributions from the Finnish commercial graphic artists, there was still a force that grew ever stronger: the colour photograph. Suddenly one could show things ‘exactly’ as they looked in reality! No exaggerations! No room for interpretation! This is what it actually looks like in Finland!

Many of the most talented contemporary photographers travelled around the country to capture Finland in photographs. In this particular one Fred Runeberg has travelled to the far north, to the arm of Finland, to capture Kilpisjärvi on a photo poster.

The poster collectors and hunters of the world are convinced that early photo posters like this one soon will be sought after and admired.