Celebrate a joyful “Tipaton tammikuu”

Celebrate a joyful “Tipaton tammikuu”

So Christmas is over and a new year has begun, and with that comes what we in Finland call Tipaton tammikuu!

But what is Tipaton tammikuu all about? Straight translated it roughly means dry January. This is our version of sober October – you see, we Finns of course prefer to do this it when it’s pitch dark outside.

Are you thinking of joining in? Well, we have incredibly good news! This year you can celebrate your, or your friend’s, sober month with an even bigger smile on your face. And in Finnish or Swedish as well!

Come to Finland’s poster hunters have dug into the hidden places and searched for those classic Finnish images from the 1950s. With humor and with inspiration from propaganda in the Soviet Union, these posters wanted to convince people to say no to alcohol.

The history of the Tipaton tammikuu phenomenon goes back almost 80 years. In 1942, a sober January was proposed in solidarity with the Finnish soldiers out in the war.

So now you have the chance to take inspiration and strength from history and art. With Come to Finland’s sobriety series – coasters, trays, fridge magnets, posters, postcards – January will be so more glorious than ever before. Regardless of what you pour into the glass.

We at Come to Finland are also celebrating and as always we are going all out: We offer 20 percent off on all sobriety products in our online shop until 31.1.2021.

Now there’s only one last thing to say: kippis and skål!