Long live spring! Long live Helsinki!

Long live spring! Long live Helsinki!

This year spring really took its time. But now, finally, spring has sprung even in Finland! And that’s why we have a poster treat for you.

One can wonder what the spring in 1949 was like? Because that is when the artist Gunnar Forsström created five different Helsinki posters, and chose one of them as his entry to the big poster contest arranged for the capital’s 400th anniversary. He chose well since his poster won!

Helsinki – the daughter of the Baltic Sea – was celebrated all over the world with Gunnars stylish firework poster. But what happened to the other four posters? The posters that were never published?

Well, one day almost ten years ago, the Poster Hunter received a mysterious phone call. ”I have something I think you want to see”, hissed the person on the other end. Soon, the Poster Hunter, with trembling hands, was able to hold four posters in his hands, posters from his hometown. Posters that had not seen the light of day in sixty years, posters, or actually poster sketches, with pencil lines and notes on the back. Truly unique cultural treasures!

One day the Poster Hunter received a mysterious phone call…

These posters are tributes not only to Helsinki, but also to spring and summer in the city. The seagull sweeping over the Suomenlinna ferry. The statue Havis Amanda who smiles at the tourists, yes, Havis Amanda who soon, when the Finns are celebrating their spring festival Vappu (April 30th), will be dressed up in her student hat again after two long years. The majestic sailing ship that slides into the south harbor. The statue of the shipwrecked, with the view over the center from the Observatory Park.

Spring. The city of Helsinki. Travel posters. The poster hunter knows what it takes to find happiness in life. And happiness must be shared. That’s why the hunters at Come to Finland polished up the sketches, with extreme caution and respect. Then we made them available to everyone else who loves Helsinki – as posters, postcards and trays (two of the motifs).

With these posters on the wall, city people are really ready for spring. Happy Vappu!

Magnus Londen, Poster Hunter

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