Vintage poster glamour in Stockholm

Vintage poster glamour in Stockholm

A visual flight of fancy through the Nordic countries as envisioned in travel posters! This is what can be expected when our playful design exhibition opens at Nordiska museet in Stockholm.

To put it simply: The poster hunters at Come to Finland are almost too excited. Our exhibition, that we arrange in co-operation with Come to Sweden, charts the way the Nordic countries made a place for themselves on the European tourist map. It was posters with slow chugging along magnificent fjords, wholesome outdoor life in exotic mountain scenery, and night trains to the rip-roaring amusements of Copenhagen.The historical posters mirror the new phenomenon of the early 20th century – leisure time – and the dream of travelling.

All posters in the exhibition are produced between circa 1890 and 1960, and have never before been shown together. All posters are vintage original prints, and comprise a unique whole, created by A ghost lady looking out over the sunsetposter artists who, in co-operation with nimble ink slingers and able admen painted a picture of the Nordic countries as a paradise for any traveller.

The exhibition is open from March 11 to November 2, 2022, at Nordiska museet in Stockholm.

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