Invited to a crayfish party? The only thing that matters is the hostess gift

Invited to a crayfish party? The only thing that matters is the hostess gift

In his previous life, the Poster Hunter was not fan of crayfish. Yes, to be honest, he avoided crayfish as much as he could. There was too much formality and too much tradition. How do you actually open up those damn crayfish? And what? So much struggle for such a small amount of food …? And where are the lyrics to all these songs that people sing out very loudly?

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Yes, the Poster Hunter actually enjoyed poster auctions better, where everything is much easier to understand.

But then the happy crayfish appeared.

In the master Erik Bruun’s poster in French (!) from the early 1960s, the crayfish party and the whole crayfish season suddenly becomes a cheerful event, even for the Poster Hunter.

With its fluorescent colors and the perfect details, the poster is a great Finnish symbol for the handicraft that goes into poster art. Imagine that sixty years ago, a completely cocky attempt was made to present as greyish Finland as a gourmet country! Yes, suddenly you get so happy. Almost as happy as the crayfish (which will soon be cooked). And today nothing is like it used to be.

The Poster Hunter knows how to emerge victorious from the game

Because when, or rather if, the Poster Hunter nowadays is invited to a crayfish party, he knows how to emerge victorious from the game. He may still not know those songs by heart, but he has an unbeatable trump card up his sleeve: He has the happy crayfish in different variations.

As he enters the house of the hosts, he pulls out the glorious round tray made in Finland and the environmentally certified napkins and the cutting board made out of Finnish veneer that is suitable for the cheese tray. All these products has the happy crayfish on them, as well as the sophisticated-sounding text “FINLANDE”.

And a bit later in the evening, the Poster Hunter semi-discreetly also puts up a fridge magnet on the host’s fridge when he is passing by. And as the crown of the work, he hangs up the crayfish poster – so that all guests can see – where the colors crackle just like in the original work.

As you can see, after this it does not matter if he can sing along to the songs or not. Or if he eats the crayfish in the right way.

A few days after the party, he sends a personal card to the host with snail mail. On one side it says (handwritten) “Thank you for last time!” and on the other side the happy crayfish rejoices.

No doubt about it: The poster hunter has turned into the cultured hero of the crayfish album!

Magnus Londen, Poster Hunter

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